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Grey Wolf Karate has been awarded “FLAGSHIP CLUB OF THE YEAR for 2019” by British Wadokai. This is the third time Grey Wolf has been awarded the flagship award.  Senpai Vivien Case 2nd Dan was also awarded "UNSUNG HERO OF THE YEAR for 2019" by Sensei Gary Swift 8th Dan Hanshi of British Wadokai both prestigious honours that the club members are very proud of and reflect their dedication to learning traditional Wado.


The Grey Wolf Karate club is based in Down Ampney, Gloucestershire. The club was originally set up by a small group of people who wanted to train together in the spirit of traditional Wado-Ryu karate. We currently provide training sessions for anyone from a beginner up to advanced levels but only accept students who are willing to work to the best of their individual abilities in order to develop as karate practitioners.

Authentic, Original and Traditional Wadoryu Karate Ju-Jutsu of the British Wado Kai Karate-do Federation; "It's the original, we don't 'make it up' along the way!"  
(Sensei Gary Swift, 8th Dan Hanshi). 

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Training Sessions

If you wish to train, please always ensure you arrive at the dojo (training hall) 10 minutes prior to the start of the session in order to get changed etc.

When: Monday Evenings

        7.00-8.30pm Advanced training for adult members
When: Wednesday Evenings

6.15-7.15pm Beginners of all ages and family groups*    
7.15-8.15pm Adult Training (16 years old and over)
*Karate can be a family activity and we encourage children and parents to train together.
When: Saturday Mornings

8.00-9.00am Advanced Training
-10.00am Training for all members

See the 'Location' page for more information about how to find our training venues.


See below for fee details. Two options are available to club members. The first is to pay per session and the second is to pay per month:

Option 1- Per Session

£6.00 per training session

Juniors (16 years old and under)
£4.00 per training session

Option 2 - Per Month

£25.00 per month

Juniors (16 years old and under)
£15.00 per month

Family Membership
£45.00 per month (more than two and up to four members of the same family household)

Note that the paying fees per month cover ALL Monday, Wednesday and Saturday training sessions for which you are eligible. Payment is usually by bank transfer. Please contact the club for details.

Fees are used to pay for the cost of hall hire, purchase of training equipment, and fund activities which benefit club members; we do not profit from our members.


Either a karate uniform (gi) or loose training bottoms and t-shirt. We train in bare feet so no footwear is required. 'Gi's and other clothing and equipment can be purchased through the club. A starter pack is available on request which includes lightweight 'gi', club badge, licence and insurance. A child's student gi typically costs in the region of £15.00. Adult gi's are slightly more expensive depending on the size required.

The club's instructors have all been training and teaching within the spirit of Wado-Ryu for many years and are used to teaching both adults and children. Instructors' and students' expertise and training are maintained in line with the standards set down by the Eikoku Wadokai Karate-do Renmei (British Wadokai):
To register your interest in joining the Grey Wolf Karate club please contact us or come to a training session.  Your first two sessions will be free and you are under no obligation

For more information about Wado-Ryu and what happens in a typical British Wadokai club, read the 'The Wado Karate Dojo' guide on the 'Information for Parents' page. Despite the title, the document contains information that both youngsters and adults either thinking of taking up karate or at the early stages of training will find helpful.

All members and their grades are currently registered with and licenced by British Wadokai. Instructors are qualified Sports First Aiders and CRB Checked.


News & Announcements:

Shodan & Nidan Grading September 2019

We are pleased to announce that Senpai Matthew Roberts 2nd Dan, Senpai Jacob Lawrence 1st Dan, Senpai Ewan Reece 1st Dan & Senpai Denzil Ind 1st Dan were awarded their Dan grades by Sensei Gary Swift 8th Dan Hanshi during a two-hour Yudan Shinsa on Saturday 29 September 2019.  Matthew, Jacob, Ewan and Denzil are an inspiration to us all, their commitment and spirit are unyielding. Jacob, Ewan & Denzil are all under 16 and have shown great maturity in their training for the grade. Congratulations Senpai's, well deserved.  


Senpai Ewan, Senpai Denzil, Sensei Swift 8th Dan Hanshi, Senpai Jacob, Senpai Matthew

Standardisation Course December 2019

Grey Wolf karate club organised a standardisation course in December 2019 to coincide with a visit to the UK of our Norwegian friends from Fana Karate Club.  The course was open to other BWK & IWF members and Sensei Gary Swift 8th Dan Hanshi ran the course

Norwegian Visit

Group photo showing the range and age of attendees

Students practising sword defences.  The defender is weaponless and using empty-handed techniques to combat the attack.
See the gallery pages for more photos.


We are delighted to announce that recent sponsorship from the Ernest Cook Trust is allowing us to purchase much-needed equipment and training mats. The Trust's generosity means that we can do more to help youngsters and adults in and around the Fairford area develop the physical and mental skills and confidence that good karate training brings. These are also skills for life. To read more about the good work that the Ernest Cook Trust does, click on their logo, above.

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