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Grey Wolf Karate had humble beginnings when a small group of like minded people formed a club to continue their personal Karate journeys, training in the traditional style of Wado-Ryu. The goal has always been to keep the fire of traditional Wado-Ryu Karate burning and, once established, Grey Wolf opened its doors to share this knowledge with more students, encouraging the flame to be passed on.


From the start our founder Sensei Mick Adams 6th Dan Renshi promoted the values of high standards of training and excellent dojo etiquette. These values remain fundamental to our club, preserved under the guidance of experienced instructors Sensei Mark Lawrence 4th Dan, Sensei Matthew Roberts 3rd Dan and Sensei James Latimer 3rd Dan. Some of our instructors have held instructor of the year awards reflecting their dedication to the art.


Grey Wolf Karate is a member of British Wadokai founded by Sensei Gary Swift 9th Dan Hanshi. Membership of has provided Grey Wolf with the highest standard of support and guidance, benefiting all our students and instructors. Grey Wolf has also been fortunate to have built ties with several UK and Norwegian Clubs, giving members the opportunity to travel, train and socialise together.

Sensei Ohtsuka-Hironori Meijin 10th Dan (1892-1982)
The founder of Wado-ryu Karate
Traditional Karate taught in a tradional way "It's the original style we dont just 'make it up' along the way!"
Sensei Gary Swift 9th Dan Hanshi

All our instructors are fully insured and CRB checked.


  • Down Ampney Village Hall
    Venue : Down Ampney Village Hall, Down Ampney Road, GL7 5QR

    Beginners always welcome
    Family sesssion 6.15 pm until 7.15 pm.
    Adult session 7.15 pm until 8.15 pm.

  • Meysey hampton Village Hall
    Venue : Meysey Hampton Village Hall, School Lane, GL7 5JS

    Beginners always welcome
    A single family session between 9.00 - 10.00 am.


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  • Beginners Always Welcome
    All Venues 2024

    Grey Wolf Karate Beginners intake. Ages from 9 years and above, all abilities welcome. Children & family units 6.15 - 7.15pm, adults only 7.15 - 8.15 pm. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to register your interest or call Mark Lawrence 4th Dan. Tel: 07919 596568.

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  • Paul Elliot Kyoshi 50 years
    9 June 2024

    Instructor; Gary E Swift (9th Dan) Hanshi, Paul Elliot Kyoshi. Venue; The Scout Hall, Swindon Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 2HF. Time; 10am-2pm. 2pm-3pm To Book your place, Please contact the organiser; Sensei Elliot. Email:

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  • International Training Weekend

    Bergen Norway, Instructors Sensei Gary E Swift Hanshi & Sensei Kjartan Stornes. -If you wish to attend this event from the UK (or other international her international sources), to guarantee your transportation ALL attendees MUST book through IWF-Norgeprior prior to booking air-flights. For further details and booking, please contact the event organiser, Sensei Kjartan Stornes (7th Dan) Kyoshi. Email;

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  • BWF Long Knives Course
    15 December 2024

    Plus SEMKA and BWK annual awards. For full details please contact Paul Elliott Kyoshi. Email;

Group Shot
Grey Wolf, Sensei Gary Swift 9th dan hanshi, British Wadokai members & Norway students Group shot.

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