Front rowSempai Joe Ryan (2nd Dan) Sempai Mark Lawrence (2nd Dan) / Sensei Mick Adams (Principal Instructor, 5th Dan Renshi) Sempai Jim Rendell (Assistant Chief Instructor 2nd Dan) Sempai James Latimer (2nd Dan)
Back rowSempai Caroline Jackson-Adams, Club Financial Director (2nd Dan) Sempai Jade Fair (2nd Dan)Sempai Viv Case (1st Dan) 

Our Yudansha

Sensei Mick Adams Renshi started out in Martial arts training with Judo in 1972 before turning his interest to karate in the early 80's in 2013 he assessed and awarded his 5th Dan in Wado-Ryu karate jujutsu by the head of British Wadokai Sensei Gary Swift 8th Dan Kyoshi. He is on the British Wadokai panel as is qualified to grade and assess up to 4th Dan. 2015 was a great year for Sensei Mick he was awarded on June 21st, 2015 Shogo Renshi, Dec 2015 he was awarded British Wadokai Instructor of the year and Grey Wolf Karate had the honour to receive British Wadokai Club of the year 2015.  
Sampai Caroline has been training in Wado-Ryu for twelve years. In March 2016, she received her 2nd Dan from Sensei Gary Swift 8th Dan Kyoshi and in February 2014, she was awarded her British Wadokai coaching Qualification. Over the years, Caroline has won numerous awards for Kata. She is an excellent teacher whose eye for detail not only brings out the best in trainees but is also invaluable in her role as the club’s financial director with responsibility for ensuring that the clubs funds are accounted for and utilised such that they benefit all members.
Sempai Viv - I began Karate 12 years ago with my two daughters. Training as a family is great and I'm glad our club encourages it. I met Sensei Mick Adams and Sempai Caroline early on, grading from 9th kyu to 2nd kyu with Caroline and also becoming great friends. Three years ago, due to arthritis in my left hip, I stopped training. I was frustrated over the restricted flexibility I had and the discomfort I felt. However, the club encouraged me to return and train within my ability, which I did with some trepidation. I couldn't believe how much I'd missed Karate. I realised that it didn't matter that I couldn't kick high or that my endurance was less, it was that I tried that counted. You never stop learning in Karate and the encouragement and friendship you receive is incredible. My highlight has to be the award of an honorary grade of 1st Dan from our Chief Instructor, Sensei Gary Swift from whom I learnt that "a black belt is simply a white belt who never gives up".
Sempai James - I started training the year 1999 aged 6 and 18 years later I haven't stopped. In that time, I have achieved 2nd Dan in true traditional Wado-Ryu karate. It has definitely been worth the effort and commitment. Not only is it about trying to be perfect in your practices but it has made me a better person having instilled discipline, control and respect in my life. No amount of money, with a guaranteed title, can give you that martial arts experience within a short period of time. Grey Wolf Karate has been there for me since training with them. With the abundance of legitimate Wadokai knowledge, guidance and advice this club is amazing for developing your skills into becoming an outstanding practitioner of traditional Wado karate (undoubtedly, a straight descendant is, from the creator, spread throughout the British Wadokai association which Grey Wolf has built a reputable name for itself throughout the UK).
Sempai Jade - I started training in traditional Wado Ryu Karate when I was 15 years old in 2001 having previously competed in gymnastics, diving and trampolining. I started martial arts to appease my very protective dad who wanted me to learn self-defence and quickly fell in love with Wado. After years of training from Sensei Mick, often starting before 8 am on Saturday mornings I achieved my black belt in July 2011 with Sempai James after a very tough grading. Through my karate, I have gained great confidence as well as mental and physical strength. Karate has provided many opportunities for me to excel; notably achieving a 2:1 in Diet, Health and Nutrition BSc and becoming a Secondary School teacher in Food and Nutrition. I currently teach in Cirencester. I am passionate about Karate and proud to be part of such a dedicated and committed team. The training of Wado Ryu at Grey Wolf Karate is exceptional; the teaching is thorough and positive in an entirely safe learning environment.
Sempai Mark - Started training in 1978 at the age of 16 with a Wado-Ryu instructor sensei Gwizdać in Cirencester. My passion for karate grew. I had a brief 2-year spell at a Shotokan club and reached purple belt before leaving for another Wado club in Cirencester. Over the next 14 or so years, I trained in Wado then had to stop in 1997 because of a back problem. I was given a second chance in my karate journey when sensei Adams and I made contact on the grey wolf Facebook page. I was then introduced to sensei Swift and with GWK’s support, I passed my 2nd dan in September 2015. I am proud to be a member of Grey Wolf Karate and to train with so many like minded people. I am honoured that I am able to instruct and teach at the club when required. I have been awarded examiner level 2, have travelled to Norway with GWK to represent British Wado-Kai and will be doing so again in April 2016. I have attended all the technical advancement courses at least once and attend as many additional courses, of which there are many, as I am able. Both my sons train at Grey Wolf Karate club and are making their own journey into traditional Wado-Ryu.  
Sempai Joe - Start date: April 16th, 1998, Time training: coming up 18 years, Grade achieved: 2nd dan I’ve had always had a passing interest in martial arts, but never really thought about training. It was through my brother in law and his son that I eventually walked into their Dojo, This is where a met Jim Rendell who was one of the junior instructors at the time having gained his 1st, Dan. When I started I was 35, what I thought was too old for karate and didn’t think I’d get past the beginners course, but the more time went on it all just fell into place, I loved the training so much I worked towards the much coveted ‘black belt’. On achieving my black belt I realised that this was only the beginning, from then on I trained regularly and eventually was told by one of the Sempai's that I would be taking my 2nd Dan and in July 2008 I was awarded my 2nd dan. My ‘Karate life’ was given a 2nd chance in Sept 2014, when Jim got in contact so this is where I am today, at GWK, we are looking to advance ourselves and others, training in a traditional martial art in a friendly environment. Certificates or awards: 1st Dan August 2003, 2nd Dan July 2008, Instructor cert level 2 awarded 27 Sept 2015.  

All the Grey Wolf instructors are committed to handing down their acquired knowledge to the students training under them and have all attended the British Wadokai Technical advancement courses run by Sensei Gary E. Swift (8th Dan Kyoshi) to ensure standards are maintained.