Grading, 17 September 2014

Another successful grading for the Grey Wolf Karate Club. Many of the candidates had already attended at least one grading previously but for two junior members it was their first experience of a formal martial arts exam so a big 'Congratulations!' to Ethan and Jacob Lawrence for doing so well.

And likewise to the 'old and bold' 9th Kyu and 7th Kyu candidates for giving 100%!

Especially in front of such 'picky' examiners who only give marks for high standards of performance, effort, power, spirit, and technique. Quality over quantity.

Patience, dedication to training, confidence, and mental strength will always win over brute force and lack of knowledge. If one is physically strong then it takes even more determination to learn not to resort to that strength alone and if one lacks confidence then that in itself is a hard battle to fight and win. All is possible as our members all showed.

Candidates prepare for Jiyu-gumite (free fighting) with Sempai James ...

Time to celebrate ...

Before it starts all over again!