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2013 Sep - Horsham

Horsham, September 2013

Nidan Grading - Examiner Panel Training


Examiner Panel Briefing from Sensei Gary Swift (8th Dan, Kyoshi) and Sensei Gordon Hoare (7th Dan) of the hosting Horsham Wado Club

Concentration during the hikki-shiken (written test) - Our congratulations to Robert Baldock and Kieran Sampson who went on to a very creditable performance in the practical exam before being awarded Nidan
Sensei Mick receives his 5th Dan award from Sensei Gary Swift (8th Dan, Kyoshi)


 Standardisation Training Course - Part 3

British Wadokai members travel to standardisation courses, wherever they are run, from as far afield as Plymouth and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. These training sessions are essential for maintaining a common and accurate body of knowledge and expertise in traditional, original Wado.