The Grade Structure of British Wadokai Karate is summarised below:

The Japanese word for belt, 'obi' is used
Mukyu (Shiro-obi 'white belt')
9th Kyu (Aka-obi)
8th Kyu (Ki-iro/Ki-obi)
7th Kyu (Daidai-iro-obi)
6th Kyu (Midori-obi)
5th Kyu (Aoi-obi)
4th Kyu (Murasaki-obi)
3rd Kyu (Cha-obi)
2nd Kyu (Cha-obi with one white stripe)
1st Kyu (Cha-obi with two white stripes)
Yudansha (Kuro-obi - Senior pass/level)
Shodan-ho/Jido-shodan (Kuro-shiro obi - one white stripe for junior pass/level 1st Dan for under 18 years old)


Kyu Gradings are held at THREE month intervals depending on the readiness of students. Grading charges include a new coloured belt and certificate.

Before the grading date, be prepared:

1.            All applicants for gradings must wear a clean white Gi.

2.            Mon (Badge/s) must be worn on the left side of the Gi.

3.            Ensure you have read and understood the Club Rules.

4.            Ensure you have an up-to-date British Wadokai Licence.

5.            Ensure you have correct grade registration prior to grading.

6.            And probably most important, make sure you 'know' what you need to know for your grading.

Best etiquette must be observed at all times. Ensure you pay your respects to the examiner/s in the correct way (always bowing, etc.). Always sit in the crossed legged position, during the 'rest' period between techniques, in the Shimoza area, or allocated rest area, of the Dojo. When called for any aspect of the grading, bow when entering the Dojo-floor.

Before the practical aspect of the grading commences, you will be required to kneel before the Examiner/s desk. From here you will be asked to recite the Dojo-kun (Japanese & English) and remove your Obi from your waist and fold it in front of you. Upon a further command, you will retie the Obi correctly around your waist. You will then wait for further instructions.






Stick to the rules of the Dojo.

Ray sets o ma-mory


Be loyal to your Instructor.

Shin gee o oman jee


Students and Instructors are not all one; never take advantage of his friendship.

Joe jitsu nee obberez


Be serious in your efforts.

Shin ken mee nee tesseyo


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