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Archived 21 March 2016

BWK Advancement Course 24 March, 2015

Members of Grey Wolf & other BWK clubs who attended the advancement course where they were given the highest quality instruction by Sensei Swift 8th Dan Kyoshi on kihon waza, renraku waza, sanbon kumite & an insight into Futari-dori.

Maegeri Gohonme

Sensei Gary Swift 8th Dan Kyoshi demonstrating "Go-no-Sen" (Block then counter) in maegeri gohonme. 

The students also received instruction in "Futari-dori" (two people movement).  A match against two opponents requires the strategic location of the defender placing himself and one of the attackers between his position and the second attacker, therefore preventing the second fighter from mounting his attack.

A group photograph with Sensei Mick Adams and Sensei Swift kneeling and the attending yudansha standing behind.

Archived 2 April 2015

Grey Wolf Kyu Grading 31 January, 2015

Group Photo

'Congratulations' once again to all Grey Wolf members who successfully passed their grading examinations on 31 January. The standard achieved was very high and everyone gave their best efforts on the day.  The students were commended for their etiquette, effort and spirit - 'well done'

Tying their obi's

The grading begins the moment they walk into the dojo, and for those taking 9th, 8th and 7th Kyu, the formal process starts with reciting the Dojo Kun (Rules of the Dojo) and tying the obi (belt) correctly. 

Mae Geri Chudan

Throughout the grading students of all levels demonstrated what they had learned with a high degree of skill and technical ability. Concentration and a positive attitude would be needed if they were to to earn their next belt.

The successful candidates collect their certificates and change their belts ready to bow out and begin the next part of their journey.  

Special thanks go to Sempais James Latimer and Joe Ryan (2nd Dan) and Caroline Jackson-Adams, Jim Rendell and Mark Lawrence (1st Dan) for their assistance. Thank you also to Viv for the photos and all those other members who made the day run smoothly.


Archived 18 February 2015

Grey Wolf Kyu Grading 27 September, 2014

A huge 'well done' to all members who successfully passed their grading exams on 27 September. The spirit and effort in the dojo was tangible as candidates 'old' and young gave their all to achieve their next grade and take another step along the path. 

From the moment they walked into the dojo, they were being assessed but for those taking 9th Kyu and 8th Kyu, the formal process starts with reciting the Dojo Kun (Rules of the Dojo) and tying the obi (belt) correctly. 

Success or failure is down to the individual. Sensei Mick can't take your grading for you - he can only train you. YOU are the only one who can demonstrate whether or not you have learned what you have been taught ... and every single candidate did that to the best of their ability and passed ...

... ready to start training towards taking yet another step in their individual journeys as they celebrate successes and seek to learn from failures. 

Special thanks go to Sempais James Latimer (2nd Dan) and Caroline Jackson-Adams (1st Dan) for maintaining discipline and providing administrative support. Thank yous also to Donno for the photos and Nick for organising the dojo and all those other members who made the day run smoothly.

Archived 29 September 2014

14 September 2014: Grey Wolf Karate Hosts BWK Standardisation Course No.3

It was a great pleasure for Sensei Mick Adams and the club to host Sensei Gary Swift (8th Dan, Kyoshi) and other British Wadokai members at the British Wadokai Standardisation Course No.3 held in Meysey Hampton on 14th September. The course which has a dual aim is highly suitable to introduce and teach the principles of Tai Sabaki found in Ohyo Gumite and Kihon Gumite. For those who already know the content of this and other standardisation courses, it has the purpose of practicing and consolidating that knowledge. Most important, the courses set a common standard across British Wadokai and beyond so that the same thing is taught in the same way and can be assessed by any qualified British Wadokai examiner to the same standard in any dojo.

This last point is reflected in the presence of British Wadokai members and guests from as far apart as Burgess Hill and Horsham, Dursley, Taunton, and Plymouth.

It was a very successful event for all involved but for none more so than Mark Lawrence who, after starting out in Wado in 1978, finally reached a key waypoint along his path when he was formally assessed for and awarded the grade of Shodan by Swift Sensei. A long overdue moment and one which was welcomed by all present as well as many others beyond British Wadokai and the Grey Wolf who know about Mark. Congratulations from all, Mark! Your story is an inspiration to us and WILL be told. 

Mark Lawrence (1st Dan) with Senseis Gary Swift (8th Dan) and Mick Adams (5th Dan)

Once again our thanks go to Oren Teichmann (2nd Dan) for photos here and on the Gallery page as well as his good humoured acceptance of fate in demonstrations with Swift Sensei. A fate shared with an equal measure of cheerfulness (and resignation) by Mike Willams (3rd Dan).

Archived 19 September 2014

Grey Wolf Karate Kyu Grading 17 May 2014

Congratulations to all our students who successfully passed their grading exams on 17 May 2014. The overall standard of turnout was high and while everybody gave 100% effort some students' excelled to demonstrate excellent levels of performance relative to their grade and experience. All did very well indeed!

International Wado Federation Norway Training Weekend 25-27 April, 2014

At the end of April, Sensei Mick, Piers and James spent a very enjoyable weekend of traditional Wado training in Bergen with the Askøy Karate Club

Training was led by Sensei Gary Swift (8th Dan, Kyoshi) and Sensei Kjartan Stornes (5th Dan and head of IWF Norway). Over the course of the weekend many new friendships were forged in an atmosphere of good, honest training and social activities. It was gratifying to discover such a deep sense of mutual desire to follow the way of Wado.

Sensei Kjartan and his colleagues could not have been better hosts and went to every trouble to ensure that the 'strangers' felt at home. In fact, just when they thought it was all over and would be heading home after a spot of sea fishing they found themselves 'marooned' on one of the many skerries that line the coast in that part of Norway; held captive by Olaf the Troll:

 ... AKA Olaf, father of Sensei Jim-Rune Vågheim (3 Dan). Olaf was responsible for each member regaining the weight sweated out during training by feeding them the largest, freshest and most delicious lobsters, crabs and prawns that the local waters had to offer ...

For more see the Bergen gallery page.

Archived 23 April 2014

Grey Wolf BWK Kumite Course with Sensei Swift (8th Dan, Kyoshi)

Tameshiwari ('breaking' or 'test breaking') is an important element of traditional karate. By putting one's technique to the test (without breaking the part of the body being used!) one finds out whether it is effective ... or not.

As Sensei Swift puts it in his excellent discussion of the subject (click to open link) "the self-discipline required for such a strike is more a strike at one's self than the wood" but it is, with emphasis, a dangerous activity which should only be carried out under the supervision of an experienced instructor. The impact of an untrained and unconditioned fist, elbow, or foot against an unyielding surface can cause significant trauma and possibly lead to permanent injury. For this reason, many clubs choose not to practice it at all. However, we are very pleased that Sensei Swift is prepared to pass on his considerable experience in this area to those prepared to take a disciplined and focused approach to developing the skill required.

Following the highly instructive Ni-sei-shi kata and kumite courses provided by Sensei Swift on 22 February, those course participants who wished to participate were given the opportunity to try out their techniques on a range of re-breakable practice boards. These boards are designed to provide the kind of resistance one can expect of different types of surface from basic piranha pine to more resilient materials and eventually prepare the student for testing themselves against objects such as breeze blocks, house bricks and so forth. Their use can, in the long run, save clubs from spending a lot of money at the local builder's merchant!!

As well as being very grateful for another excellent training session, we would like to say thank you to our friend Oren Teichmann (1st Dan, Zanshin Wado-Ryu Karate Club, Burgess Hill) for acting as uke-mi and providing the photos for this news update.

Archived 28 February 2014

Kyu Gradings with Sensei Swift (8th Dan, Kyoshi)

Ellie, Poppy and Garry have been training hard for several months. It's not always been easy for them and as well as great steps forward there has been the occasional setback to overcome.

On Sunday 19 January, all their efforts were finally rewarded when they travelled down to Plymouth with their instructors to attend a British Wadokai Kyu Grading held by Sensei Gary Swift (8th Dan, Kyoshi) at the Pomphlett Methodist Centre. Despite the unfamiliar environment, all three conducted themselves with dignity, confidence, discipline and focus proving themselves a credit to their club.

The successful candidates received their new belts from Sensei Gary Swift (8th Dan, Kyoshi) in the presence of their instructors Sensei Mick Adams (5th Dan) and Piers MacLean (2nd Dan).

  • Poppy Nicholls 7th Kyu (1st Class Pass)
  • Ellie Knight 7th Kyu (1st Class Pass)
  • Garry Nicholls 8th Kyu (1st Class Pass)

Click on the above thumbnail image above for a description of the event from the February issue of the British Wadokai Newsletter (released 24/1/14). We are justly proud of the way our students conducted themselves but they know full well that they must not stop striving for excellence - and we will continue to support them in their efforts. Click on any of the following images for a larger version:

Poppy Nicholls being awarded her BWK 7th Kyu by Sensei Swift

Ellie Knight being awarded her BWK 7th Kyu by Sensei Swift

Our thanks go to Sensei Swift and congratulations to all the successful Pomphlett club members.

Archived 20 January 2014

BWK Standardisation Course Part 4

The Grey Wolf Instructors have benefited from yet another excellent course taught by Sensei Gary Swift. The course, held in Horsham on 8th December, 2013, covered three areas– Idori-no-kata (kneeling defences), Tanto-dori-no-kata (knife defence), and Muto-dori-no-kata (Tachi-ai) (defences against sword attacks). To learn more about these topics, click on this link to open a link to the course page on the BWK website.

It was a great opportunity to meet new friends and we thoroughly enjoyed the company of the fine karateka from Bergen, Norway. We hope to have more opportunities to meet with the Askøy Karate Club in the future.

We will be aiming to take as many club members as possible to the next standardisation course (part 1) in March 2014. Book early to avoid disappointment!

Oren Teichmann of Zanshin Wadoryu  Karate Club, Burgess Hill was busy snapping away with his camera and we hope to have some more great photos soon.

Archived 9 December 2013

On 28th and 29th September Sensei Mick Adams and the Grey Wolf instructors travelled to Horsham for a weekend of training during which they attended a Yudan Shinsa (Dan Grading) event held at Kingslea Primary School to qualify as British Wadokai Examiners.
A proud and very significant moment for the club came when Sensei Gary Swift (8th Dan, Kyoshi) awarded Sensei Mick his 5th Dan in Wado Ryu. Mick started training in martial arts in 1973 at the age of nine.

One of the last members to receive an AMA certificate on passing a kyu grading is Garry Nicholls (below). Garry can be justly proud of his performance during the exam for 9th Kyu -  as with other recently graded members, it was well earned!